Towards better health, social and community-based services integration for patients with chronic conditions and complex care needs: challenges and next steps for primary care research

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The objective was to report on issues related to patients with complex care needs and recommendations identified by 160 key participants at a summit in Quebec City about better integration of primary health care services for patients with chronic diseases and complex care needs. A descriptive qualitative approach was used. While focus groups were led by a facilitator, a rapporteur noted highlights and a research team member took independent notes. All notes were analyzed by using a thematic analysis according to an inductive method. Seven issues were identified, leading to the formulation of recommendations: (1) valuing the experience of the patient; (2) early detecting of a non-homogeneous patient population; (3) defining interprofessional collaboration based on patient needs; (4) conciliating services provided by clinical settings according to a registered clientele-based logic with the population-based logic; (5) working with the community sector; (6) aligning patient-oriented research values with existing challenges to primary care integration; and (7) promoting resource allocation consistent with targeted recommendations. The summit highlighted the importance of engaging all stakeholders in improvement of integrated care for patients with complex care needs. The resulting recommendations target shared priorities towards better health, social, and community-based services integration for these patients.

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